Curiosity, Craft, & Product

I'm a designer for a small but amazing product team that designs, tests, and researches new products and enterprise solutions from start to finish. It's an engaging mix of strategy, fresh whiteboards, and brand trajectory that continually challenges and refines me as a designer. As part of an end-to-end product team, I participate in all phases of definition, buy-in, design, and development. 

As a UX designer, I love a challenge and finding the balance between strategy and craft. I have a diverse background in front end, product, visual design, and Ixd. I'm into systems, sweating the small stuff, and learning new skills.

My career has spanned many disciplines — from design education, to illustration, photography, and product design. This experience, and a passion for learning, allows me to engage complex problems across domains.

UX Designer — Enterprise & New Product Design Team
SurveyGizmo — Seattle, WA, 2016 - Present

Design Instructor — School of Art & Design
University of Washington — Seattle, WA, 2015 - 16

Visual Designer — UX/Product Team
Ciphercloud — San Jose, CA, 2014 - 15

MFA — PrintMedia
Cranbrook Academy of Art

BFA — Painting
University of Kansas

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